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Our mission

Nesterly is on a mission to make housing more affordable for all. We do this by helping you create a mutually beneficial connection that ranges across generations, cultures and lived experiences. 

Hear from some of our exceptional partners and supporters

  • “Many older adults in our neighborhoods have found themselves with space in their homes and a need for companionship. Our partner, Nesterly, provides options for people.”

    - Mayor Marty Walsh

  • “Nesterly improves the quality of life for older adults and allows them to age in place.”

    - Cindy Farson, Executive Director of COAAA

  • “Love Nesterly’s startup idea of pairing young adults and elder empty nesters.”

    - Atul Gawande, Surgeon, Writer, and Researcher

  • “Relationships are the critical ingredient in well-being, particularly as we age.”

    - Marc Freedman, CEO and Founder of Encore.org

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Join us

Let’s work together to tackle the affordable housing crisis. We partner with mayors, governors, and local institutions to make our communities more resilient and affordable for all.

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Our Community Compact

Our community is built on the pillars of trust, respect and appreciation for others — regardless of age, race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender identity, ability, and/or political beliefs.

By joining Nesterly, members are helping build a more interconnected world by agreeing to treat each other with the utmost respect, and by doing their part to ensure that every member has fair access to the opportunities on the platform.


Help us spread the word

Do you live in one of our operating cities? Help us spread the word about Nesterly to your community. Together we can build a more connected and affordable world, one home at a time.

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Good Neighbors

When covid-19 hit our team leveraged our expertise to build an intelligent volunteer management tool that enables contactless deliveries and social support for at-risk individuals.

We’ve successfully completed over 7000 critical requests for at-risk individuals and families through partnerships in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Learn more about how to quickly and safely activate a community of local volunteers and how to partner with us.